Challenge Day 4: Butterfly Necklace

Delayed on the post because I was so busy yesterday.. I actually mad a lot of items yesterday. I posted them in my AVAILABLE ITEMS album on my Facebook FanPage {PLEASE fan me if you haven't}. I also have other items available from my ViKtoria & ViviKa lines that you can view as well on my FanPage and in my Etsy Shop.

The reason I chose to showcase this specific necklace that I made yesterday over the others is because my mom actually made the center butterfly for me a long time ago out of clay... I haven't been able to figure out anything to make for myself with it until yesterday! I have seriously had it for at least a year. She creates a lot of really awesome pieces out of polymer clay such as canes, beads, jewelry, fancy jars and also cool things like this butterfly... She has an etsy shop for her clay designs, so please "heart" her. She also does a lot of leather work and has a separate etsy shop for her leather... so please also "heart" her on there. ❤

I apologize... but this necklace will not be for sale, I just wanted to show you how pretty it was. Maybe in the future if I can get her to design me more cool butterfly's I can make something similar... and sell them... but until then, this piece has meaning to me.. and it's just not available. Please let me know what you think though in a comment below! I greatly appreciate all the feedback from everyone!

xoxo -Jeni

30 Day Challenge | Day 4 | 2-23-1011: The 30-Day Design Challenge is something I decided to do for fun. I will create something every single day for 30 Days straight. It will be digital, jewelry, or anything else I feel like being creative with! I wanted to do it for a year, but thought I would make sure I can make it a month first, haha. Please check back frequently for new items from my self challenge!

If you are interested in purchasing any of my work that is not currently in my Etsy Shop or you would like to have custom pieces made for yourself, a friend or even a whole wedding.. please email me directly at: with more details on what you are looking for and I will gladly try my best to fulfill your order!


wendy said...

The butterfly necklace is so pretty and so sweet the story behind it and the special place it holds for you, very pretty<3

jennifer Peragine said...

thanks Wendy!!