Challenge Day 3: Pretty Little Spiders

Today's pieces are these awesome spider pendants. I am just in love with them! They are large hand-painted filigree pieces with large antique silver spiders on them. The spiders have been hand-jeweled by me with crystals and a tiny accent metallic rose has been added to each to compliment the paint color on the filigree.

I hope you all like them. Please leave comments below of what you think!

p.s. sorry about the lovely background of my keyboard haha.. sometimes you just have to go with where you get the best lighting at night with indoor photos. :/

xoxo -Jeni

30 Day Challenge | Day 3 | 2-22-1011: The 30-Day Design Challenge is something I decided to do for fun. I will create something every single day for 30 Days straight. It will be digital, jewelry, or anything else I feel like being creative with! I wanted to do it for a year, but thought I would make sure I can make it a month first, haha. Please check back frequently for new items from my self challenge!

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wendy said...

Ok i love the spider pendants they are too cool and oh so pretty, and im terrified of spiders and i would so buy one, your awesome<3

jennifer Peragine said...

haha thanks wendy!! see, i'm helping you concur your fears :p