Challenge Day 5: Feather Necklace

Today I made quite a few things again.. I had a few orders to fill and ended up packaging them up without taking photos.. haha go me right! Anyways, I made a wing necklace that was similar to the wing earrings from the ViviKa 2011 Line. She wanted the earrings, but I chose not to duplicate anything from my "V" lines.. but she is still excited about the necklace.. It happens to be one of the items I didn't get a photo of... but it was a black wing, with gunmetal chain with accent glass pink/purple beads... the wing had purple crystals and behind the wing was a feather attachment that had different shades of pink/purple feathers.. It was very pretty! She ALSO bought the pink crystallized skull cameo from the ViviKa 2011 line. I am actually a little sad to see that one go, it was one of my favorite pieces... but I could tell in her emails that she will be VERY happy to own it. ❤

On to my item for today... I have had this large frosted silver feather pendant for some time now. It actually is from another necklace I bought just for the pendant.. I do that sometimes, I very rarely wear any jewelry the way I buy it.. haha, I always have to tweak it in some way. This necklace has the large frosted silver feather as well as textured frosted silver pearls on the one side with silver crystal pieces connecting them to one another. I decided to use gunmetal instead or regular silver just for the contrast of dark/light... If i would have used regular silver, I think it would have been far too bland for my personal style. :}

I hope you like it, let me know what you think below!!

xoxo -Jeni

30 Day Challenge | Day 5 | 2-24-1011: The 30-Day Design Challenge is something I decided to do for fun. I will create something every single day for 30 Days straight. It will be digital, jewelry, or anything else I feel like being creative with! I wanted to do it for a year, but thought I would make sure I can make it a month first, haha. Please check back frequently for new items from my self challenge!

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Everything you make is so adorable.