Most Deliciousness.

I just bought this juice from the produce section at the grocery store. It's pomegranate lemonade, I believe it may be organic... but don't hold me to it. It's made my Mayer Bros. Everyone MUST TRY IT!!! It is the most amazing tasting lemonade I have ever had! I drank half the bottle in one sitting.. and it wasn't expensive at all! Two bottles for $5!!!! (on sale, but i'm sure it's not too much more regularly) I usually pay more than that for one of my bottles of naked juice.. Now I'm obsessed with both.

Just thought I'd share... it was a MUST... so go buy it. Right NOW!! Oh and it comes in a plastic bottle... and is in the same exact spot in the produce section as all the rest of the yummy good for you juices. I apologize for not having a pic, I'm sure no one has kept the juice long enough to get a good shot of it. :p


Anthony said...

What stores carry it, do you know? Not all supermarkets carry healthy products yet.

jennifer Peragine said...

I got mine at giant eagle. So I would try somewhere like that. or even maybe a whole foods? they may have something similar since it's real lemonade. :}