Hair Favs: Read with Caution

These products were created for RockStars, so if that's not you.. Read with Caution. I use these fabulous hair products almost every single day of my life.. So.. I thought I'd share. I naturally have wavy/curly hair that turns into a big frizzy mess with out product when I don't straighten it. But these products have changed that. No more mouse/hairspray when I don't feel like straightening my hair. These products make my hair dry super soft with no frizz!

From Left to Right:
Tigi Catwalk Fashionista Smooth & Shine: This product is perfect if you straighten your hair. It helps protect your hair from heat damage and also helps make it smooth and shiny without the greasy feel/look. I usually use this product alone if I know I am going to just be straightening my hair.

Tigi Bed Head After Party: This is a lightweight smoothing cream. It can be used on wet or dry hair. I use this in combination with the next product on days when I don't have time to straighten my hair. I just put it on my towel dried hair and go.

Tigi Rockaholic Born To Rock: This Leave-In Detangler & Defrizzer is an anti-frizz leave-In conditioner for rock stars! Like stated before... I use this in combination with the BedHead After Party.. The combination of these two are perfect for on the go and they don't leave you hair greasy so after work/school you can straighten your hair for a night out on the town without worrying about that product in hair greasy look.

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