The Hills Finale... tear

Everyone is talking about it.. It's official, the Hills had it's last show ever last night. I do have to admit after watching every season, I was completely disappointed. I thought the finale was terrible. It basically just said Audrina is alone and an adult now, Kristen is going on vacation for a while.. and Lo... FAR TOO MUCH time was focused on her. She wasn't even a MAIN character, she was friends with all of them. Oh, and Stephanie turned out to not be a nut job and got a boyfriend.

The after show, I just feel like the hosts were extremely obnoxious. The female host was wearing this dress that looked as if the incredible hulk exploded on her. It was gross. So ugly, she will most likely be on the next worst dress list. She also stated that she wanted to be Brody's "little sister, he had sex with" Class at it's finest on national television. Oh... and no Heidi and Spencer on the finale.. I'm not a fan at all, but they should have been on there at least for half the time they focused on Lo. And... They didn't even show what Justin Bobby was going to be doing now.. he was my favorite character.. The only one that seemed genuinely real the entire show.

I can say.. Kristen was much more entertaining the Lauren though.. I liked Lauren too, but she should have went to the City with Whitney, so Whitney's first season wasn't so incredibly boring. Whitney just wasn't extroverted enough to be given her own show back then..

So disappointing MTV... for something that started six years ago. Audrina and Stephanie did look pretty fabulous though at the after show!!! I am still hoping that Audrina and Justin Bobby live out their "Happily Ever After" :}

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