Win My Jewelry!

Hi everyone!! I have decided to do a fun contest to give someone a chance to win a free piece of jewelry from my store! When my blog gets to 100 followers.. I will be randomly selecting a winner to go into my store and choose any one item of their choice for FREE!

To enter
: You will need a google, yahoo or twitter account to become a follower (please make sure you follow publicly, or I will not be able to see that you follow me).. You will also need to contact me through the "Contact Button" On the right of my blog to let me know why you want the piece that you want (contact button in the Freelance section) :} This will NOT determine who will win, this will just give me some feedback on what you guys like!! I love hearing what my fans love and don't love.. it helps me with designing. Also... if you choose more than one thing... it makes it more fun!! I will choose one of your choices and surprise you!!

Make sure you do BOTH parts of the contest.. or you will not be considered entered... You have to 1. Follow my blog and 2. Write to me and let me know why you would like to win or why you like my jewelry. :}

That's all there is to the contest!! Have fun & I cannot wait to hear from you!!

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