This is my BIGGEST SALE yet!! I need to clear out some of my old jewelry to make room for the new jewelry.

so here are the discounts:

• All Feather items: 30% OFF
• All Necklaces (non-feather): 40% OFF
• All Earrings (non-feather): 50% OFF

This is the PURRRFECT time to get some of my jewelry REALLY cheap if you have been loving something but haven't won any of my contests..

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU MESSAGE ME PREVIOUS to purchasing so I can adjust the price.. If you do not, I will not be able to give you the discount.. so just simply message me. It will make it easier for both of us!!

Have fun everyone!! I'm so glad Autumn will be here soon!!!

Contest runs from NOW through August 22nd. My Etsy Link Follow me on Twitter & Facebook!!

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