It's official... i have hit over 2000 Fans on my Facebook FanPage!! I am so excited and want to thank all of my fans! I decided to do this by giving away a FREE Cameo necklace.

The cameo is pictured below.

The reason I chose this cameo is because it is the number 1 item in my store. It gets the most feedback and the most views.. It is also soon to be featured in an online magazine... which is why it was removed from my shop. :}

• Black & Ivory Cameo on Antique Silver
• Chain can be Long or short it's your choice (Also Antique Silver)
• I will design the necklace with accent matching beads

Contest Ends Sept.12th
You MUST do ALL of the following to enter/If your name on Twitter/Facebook is different than your blog/follower name on here, PLEASE list it so I know to check.
• Comment below in the blog entry stating that you want to enter the contest.
Follow My blog (follow button on right of blog)
• Must be a fan of my Facebook FanPage
• Follow me on Twitter

GOOD LUCK Everyone!!! Make sure to visit my Etsy Shop!!


deborahkocanphotography said...

I'd love to enter the contest =)

deborahkocanphotography said...

Ok... So I am following all the rules, but my names are different on every account...
Twitter: deborahkocan
Facebook: deborah kocan

Natty Ice said...

Jeni, I want to enter! I was already following all your stuff! :D I'm @poweroutage on twitter, but I guess my name comes up here as Natty Ice, which is obviously Rachel Natty-Ice Benson on facebook haha.

Thanh said...

Hey pretty lady!
If course I'm interested in this contest! Love the floral design <3

Twitter: HongDesigns
Facebook: Thanh Hong

Vanessa said...

I looove this!!!!

Nicole Corradi said...

Me! Me! I want to enter!! :D
Twitter: missxnikol. Duh. Lol

cristian said...

I would LOVE to enter the contest!

twitter: bunnielovee
facebook: cristian bunnie easterly.

jennifer Peragine said...

The Winner is Rachel Benson!!! Congrats doll, I know you have been wanting one of my cameos forever!!

What's Next: Just leave a comment below with whether you want it to be a short or long necklace and I will be in contact with you about you shipping info and such. PLEASE leave me a review in my reviews tab on my FB FanPage!! I would greatly appreciate it! :} Congrats again!!

Natty Ice said...

Yay! Thanks Jeni, you just made my day!! I think I'd like it as a short necklace! :D