This Year Please...

Okay so... this needs to be the year for change. I moved to PA in 2004 to go to school with no intention on staying... yet I AM STILL HERE! I feel like if I stay much longer, I will lose my mind. It's an okay city.. I just feel as if I don't belong. I am happily married and want to live HAPPILY EVERY AFTER. Is that too much to ask. I mean, I am a girl.. and that's the dream every single one of us has from birth. PLEASE let me live happily ever after doing what ever it is that I am meant to do. I'm seriously crossing every appendage on my body that this will be the BIG YEAR FOR CHANGE. The sooner the better :}

I want to live somewhere warm, but not too hot with lots of NATURE. I need it in my life. PA has lots of nature, but I would live in the woods if someone would let me. I mean LOTS of nature. But please not too much rain. I'm not dumb, I understand nature needs the rain like I need candy, love, romance etc... but there HAS to be a place that has nature with little rain.. right?

If you know of a place... please tell me.

Also.. Still (Always) looking for more freelance design work. If you need anything done, or know of anyone that might.. just email me. My website is if you would like to see samples or need my contact info.

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