Snowed In again..

Snowed in again.. but I've decided I am going to make some life changing decisions soon. I am going to be looking for more freelance design work (if interested, message me) and may even look into how I can get a book published. I feel that this is a MUST in my future. Maybe not the near future.. but writing takes time. I'm not a huge writer.. but I want the book to be straight from me, good writing our bad. I believe the knowledge I can pass along can really make a HUGE difference for some. Even if it is one person... it will be the most accomplishing feeling I could ever imagine... and to save someone or help someone... THAT is exactly what I was meant to do in life. I'm OBVIOUSLY not doctor material... but I can use what I have to help.

Some of you may or may not know. I am in the process of starting a foundation. It's called Breathe-and-Release. There is a blog, twitter, facebook and myspace. PLEASE ADD THEM ALL!! The actual website will hopefully come this year. The foundations name is dear to me because this is how I fought most of my life battles. I trained myself to breathe-and-release rather than hold everything in with the help from a few very close people. Sometimes it's much harder to do this than others, but that's natural. I want to pass this along to others. I have decided to write a book... to put it ALL out there to help others that are in need of what I needed when I found myself lost the most and had nothing.. no resources. I had a few close people in my life and I consider myself lucky to have them, but the resources would have helped me and helped them help me better. I need to make people believe that it's ok.... and they can learn to breathe-and-release and move passed their troubles.

Things happen in life. I do not believe "God wouldn't put you through things, if he didn't think you could handle them." That is one of the worst things to hear at times. I think it should be a saying that should be erased from everyone's vocabulary. Saying things like this to people in need of help can cause a lot of damage, and a lot of changes in the way they view the world. It is not a nice thing to hear for all people.. to some maybe, but to others.. it could make things a lot worse.

So starting today... I am writing a book. Weather it's published or not.. I don't care.. It will be shared though.. and available for those who are interested.

If you are someone who wants to help Breathe-and-Release, PLEASE email me directly at I appreciate all the help I can get and so will everyone we can reach out and help. I'm really hoping to have the ability to afford a 501c3 this year as well, it's really expensive and takes some time to get.. but I am hoping to get enough donations to combine with my money to get it for Breathe-and-Release. If you are interested in contributing this way, please also email me for more details.

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