New Hue = New You

2010 is about reinvention... so they say, but isn't that what they say EVERY single year? :} Reinvention.. of our bodies, minds, wardrobes, and color palette!? I love when bold/fabulous colors are added to the mix!! Don't you?

Whether you wear it on your body or as an accessory for a fabulous outfit... Blue is in for 2010! WEAR IT!

According to Ken Downing (Senior Vice President and Fashion Director) at Neiman Marcus, Blue is the New Hue for the New You! Navy, Colbalt, Baby Blue… anything goes as long as it’s chic and flattering. Remember.... no one wants to look like the giant blueberry girl from Willy Wonka ;} Keep it fresh all you fabulous - stylish people out there! Check out this fabulous clutch below! It's to die for.

2010 Women Blue Bags Trends
Emilio Pucci Bean-shaped hard clutch

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