Curl Up & Dye

I am one for finding a great product and sticking with it... especially when it comes to cosmetics. They are either great or just flat out suck.. There is no in between. This weekend I stopped at walmart to grab a couple of things with my husband and I found a center isle stand with all of the new HARDCANDY Products. I needed mascara... so I decided to try it.. I just LOVED the packaging! They are all designed with a tattoo/ink style. Just gorgeous.

Anyways, I bought the Curl up and Dye Mascara in the color Ink. I only wear black mascara... and i LOVE it!! It is sort of a really wet consistency rather than a thicker texture, so it doesn't clump! Also, mine is super black and when it dries... it stays jet black. I think I may be shopping at walmart for mascara from now on. :} Thanks to HARDCANDY and their great new line! OH!! and it was seriously ONLY $6!

Makeup was done by Eva Kim


Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Wow, it sounds great. I've been trying to find a really good mascara for awhile.

jennifer said...

Yeah.. def try it! I'm a huge makeup fan and I really love it!! I will continue to buy it from now on!!