DISCOUNTS for Refferals!!

20 referrals = 30% off 1 item
30 referrals = 50% off 1 item
30 referrals + 1 referral purchase = 60% off 1 item

Discount will be taken off of most expensive item, if more than one items are purchased at that time. ♥

This is open to ALL FANS not just tagged fans on my Facebook Fan Page!! :}

*Proof of referral must be given in the discussion board prior to purchase so a "Special Order" can be put together with correct pricing which includes the discount. Referrals must be new fans, not ones that already exist.

Facebook Referrals

can be shown by the person who referred the new fans by creating a "new discussion" and starting a "new topic" with the list of names... to prove these people are legit referrals, you must get them to say yes in the comment section of your discussion. PLEASE don't have each new person start their own new discussion just to say yes. lol

Twitter Referrals

can be shown by simply having the person respond to me "@JeniPeragine" saying you referred them. Once I count them up and you equal out to 20 or 30 referrals, I will direct message you and let you know... At this time you can message me and let me know what you want so I can set up the "Special Order."
Facebook and Twitter referrals must be separate, which means either 20/30 referrals on Facebook or 20/30 on Twitter. I want to make it fair for those who do not have accounts on both sites. Also, this helps me make sure that there aren't people getting two referrals for 1 person.

ALSO: Each month, one random person will be selected from both my Facebook Fan Page and My Twitter Page to receive 50% off of 1 item for their month.

If they choose to give this discount to one of their friends, that's fine with me :} Only one person can receive the discount though, so make sure to message me and let me know which friend you hand it off to so that I give the discount to the correct person. Unless I receive this message from the original winner, I will not accept any messages saying your friend handed off the discount to you.

I hope everyone enjoys these NEW DISCOUNT opportunities!!! Good luck to everyone!!!! <3

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