I know I wear bangle bracelets almost every single day and I KNOW some of you do as well..... So.. I am very excited to announce that I sell a LARGE variety of Bangles now. They are resin, so they are very sturdy and they have an opening in the back for easy slip on and off. They are only $14 + FREE SHIPPING (if in the USA - If not, message me for rates) each and will arrive in 4-6 weeks.. I cannot place the order until payment is made, simply because I cannot afford to be held responsible for something my customers want in case they change their mind.. If interested, please just leave a comment below with the number/s you want and from which set (Animal - Floral - Patterns). For example: Leave a comment saying "I would like Animal - #2 & #3 and Floral #4" and so on... After comments are left, contact is made through FB or Email and payment to my PayPal is made, I will order the bangle for you! Please leave either a facebook URL or Email below so that I can send you the PayPal info and a total for what you want.

Let me know what you think! I am so excited about these! If you are a blog follower, I will give a discount on multiples, just let me know how many you want and which ones so I can let you know the amount I would charge! Have a great night everyone!

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If you are interested in purchasing any of my work that is not currently in my Etsy Shop or you would like to have custom pieces made for yourself, a friend or even a whole wedding.. please email me directly at: with more details on what you are looking for and I will gladly try my best to fulfill your order!

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BrookeLeeShade said...

Do you make all of these yourself? If so you are a very talented person. They are so cute! I can not stand the feeling of bracelets or I would order a million of them. I could have one for every outfit I own :)