UPDATE: I'm Being Me!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to "Update" and let you know that I am going to start blogging on my personal blog {this one} a little different. I plan to have it solely focused on updates on what I am doing and what I am creating. I tried really hard to write article write ups and such and I believe it's honestly why I don't blog much. I get bored, so I simply don't feel like blogging. If I find an article randomly to be interesting, of course I will still feature/write about it.... I just feel the need to re-vamp how I am doing business... and how I am representing myself to the internet world :}

I hope everyone is okay with this... which I'm sure you will be if you are following me. :} Thank you so much for all of your support, hopefully I will be able to get some videos done soon with my youtube account.

xoxo - Jeni

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