Challenge Day 7&8: Necklaces

Due to traveling, I am a little delayed on posts.. so here are the two thinks I made for days 7 & 8 of my challenge. Day 7 I made the necklace on the left... It is silvertone and hand crystallized. It has pink, purple, teal, and turquoise gems. Day 8 was a custom piece made for a customer.. It is an ivory & black flower cameo with champagne and white crystals around the outside of the cameo.

Let me know what you think below in a comment!!

xoxo -Jeni

30 Day Challenge | Day 7&8 | 2-26/27-1011: The 30-Day Design Challenge is something I decided to do for fun. I will create something every single day for 30 Days straight. It will be digital, jewelry, or anything else I feel like being creative with! I wanted to do it for a year, but thought I would make sure I can make it a month first, haha. Please check back frequently for new items from my self challenge!

If you are interested in purchasing any of my work that is not currently in my Etsy Shop or you would like to have custom pieces made for yourself, a friend or even a whole wedding.. please email me directly at: with more details on what you are looking for and I will gladly try my best to fulfill your order!

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