Valentines Day SALE!!!

I love Valentines Day and I know tons of other people do as well!! SO this is also going to be a longer sale It ends the 12th of this month because I plan on having all orders made by the 7th in the mail by the 8th in hopes that they will make it to you by the 14th. This is NOT a GUARANTEE!!! I just promise to have them in the mail by the 8th. So keep this in mind if you are trying to get the items to you in time to give them to that special someone... :}

SALE INFO: Just like before...
For every item you buy you can receive one other item at 50% off!
For example: order one item get one half off, order four items... two of them will be half off. This is a great opportunity to save big in my store!! The sale runs from December 7th until December 17th.

The 50% off will be refunded to your PayPal after purchase is made UNLESS you message me previously to have me set up a special order post for your items. So PLEASE message me to set up a Special Request post if this will make things easier for you. Because of time differences/holiday season, it could take a few hours/days for the refund, so it is much easier to set up a Special Request post for those who will need their refund immediately!! :}

Also: This sale CANNOT be combined with the referral sale if you happen to reach that in this time period... The referral sale can however be used right after this sale ends. :}

If you have any questions at all.... feel free to message me!!


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